SBT Advisors works with all kinds of organizations, including Fortune 100 companies and start-ups, to craft and implement winning business strategies by using technology to achieve cost and competitive advantage. We are technology-savvy business people working at the intersection of business and technology strategy to help our clients perform and innovate.

  • We help our clients in high-tech industries to formulate and execute go-to-market strategies that bring business relevance to their customers' business models, by leveraging our understanding of how innovation creates business value. We also help them build the right marketing and sales capabilities to deliver on their promises of business innovation.
  • We help our clients outside high-tech industries to evolve current business models and build new ones to lower costs, accelerate cycle time, enrich the quality of outputs and enhance customer delight. We help align the right capabilities with their organization's vision and strategy, embed those capabilities in key business processes, and implement them carefully to sustain business impact.

In any economic environment, executives are reluctant to spend money without the prospect of a strong return on investment. We help our clients structure ways to capture the benefits of innovation and evolve business models while minimizing the risk of investment. We assist in the creation of internal "test and learn" proof-points linked to business metrics required to sustain change.

SBT Advisors is well qualified to assist our clients in driving business value from technology innovation. We are seasoned individuals with hands-on experience, and proven track records of innovative insights. We invest with our customers in researching innovative management practices and bring together industry thought-leaders to share ideas and accelerate the ideation-to-business value cycle. We provide objective advice, independent of any interest in downstream work such as deployment of technology, system integration or reselling agreements.

We tailor our consulting support to the needs of our clients. We can accompany our clients over the complete lifecycle of business impact by customizing our support to our clients' decision-making and implementation requirements. We can deploy either one or two advisors working with our client executives and their own resources to bring innovation, insights, structure, experience and stakeholder alignment to their business challenges. We can complement our teams of senior advisors with analytical resources when a major analytical blitz is required to crack a tough challenge. Our types of engagements range from 1 to 2-day workshops to yearlong support.

We help our clients create business value and achieve competitive differentiation by applying the insights and capabilities we have gained by working with market leaders on both sides of the business-technology value equation